From the daily archives: Wednesday, May 9, 2007

As the ‘school choice’ debate moves over to the state senate, advocates brought hundreds of children of all ages to the state house this afternoon to promote their pro-charter-school agenda.

It’s bad enough these for-profit schools are sucking away money from our public schools- but today they showed just how far they are willing to go to stay in business: taking hundreds of children out of school for a whole day, bussing them to the state capital, dressing them up in ‘i support school choice’ t-shirts and buttons, and using them as political pawns.

It’s obvious these people don’t give […]

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Buckeye State Blog New Hampshire Project Fundraiser

Tomorrow, May 10 at 5:30pm
Short North Tavern

See you there!

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McCain Hypocrisy Alert!

On May 9, 2007 By

Interesting. The Guiliani Planned Parenthood flap appears to be coming from the McCain camp. First, The Politico reports:

The returns have been on the public record for years, but the detail about Giuliani’s support for Planned Parenthood — along with e-mailed copies of the returns — was provided to The Politico by aides to a rival campaign, who insisted on not being identified.

The McCain camp then makes their hay:

The reports, in turn, led the top campaign strategist for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) to suggest Tuesday that Giuliani’s position was unacceptable for a Republican standard-bearer.

“He’s well outside the […]

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The big news a couple days ago (catching my breath from the weekend, yes!) was that Rudy gave money to Planned Parenthood.

[collective right-wing gasp]

This might turn out to be one of those primary/general paradoxes. The state of the takeover by the religious right of the Republican Party almost dictates you take a more hardline position on abortion than this. However, once you get to the general election, this is the most principled position to have and one that I’d be willing to bet the majority of American’s would support.

This is a good oppo hit by […]

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This time with an ad featuring General Batiste, who retired in 2005 “on principle” over the Iraq War mess:

General Batiste, btw, is a West Point grad and a lifelong Republican.

Coming soon: Eaton and Clark

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