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… away funding from public schools- leaving the rest of the students in schools with less money, fewer teachers, and even more problems.

Today’s Enquirer reports that Cincinnati Public Schools have a $39 million budget shortfall and, as a result, Superintendent Rosa Blackwell (yes, Ken’s wife) plans to lay off 115 teachers and counselors.

So where did the money go? Solve the following story problem (using your public-school math skills) to find the answer:

Ohio Revised Code, 3317.012, establishes a per-pupil cost of $5,403 for the 2007 school year. Cincinnati’s 27 charter schools have an enrollment of […]

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In an earlier post I discussed how Ken Blackwell and a bunch of ‘reformed homosexuals’ were protesting H.R. 1592, the ?Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2007?, because it extends the definition of a hate crime to include those motivated by the ?sexual orientation? ? or ?gender identity? of the victim.

Well now it looks like a bunch of conservative black ministers are joining the gay-hating chorus.

The ministers, along with Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission and the Family Research Council (big suprise!), are urging “members of the Congressional Black Caucus to vote against the […]

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My blogging will be non-existent until at least Monday. I’m leaving tomorrow on what has to be one of the most exciting trips I’ve ever taken. Holly and I will be driving to Mt. Tremper, New York to attend a retreat at the Zen Mountain Monastery. This is something that I’ve wanted to do for going on 10 years now. Something would always get in the way: lack of money, lack of time, getting married, having children, laziness. One of my holiday gifts this year was registration for both of us to go. Best gift since the motorcyle […]

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SHARM EL-SHEIK, Egypt (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice will meet Syria’s foreign minister Thursday in the first high-level talks between the two countries in years, a U.S. official said.

Come on, righties! Be consistent. She’s paying a visit to a terruhrist state! She’s speaking with the enemy! Ya twits.

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Right-wing racist hate

On May 3, 2007 By


An unnamed 23-year-old man from Canton, Michigan–a Detroit suburb near Dearbornistan with a large Muslim population composed primarily of Pakis, er . . . Pakistanis–should be among this year’s candidates for the Darwin awards.

Yeah, Debbie Schlussel just called Dearborn “Dearbonistan” and Pakistani immigrants the indisputably racist term “Pakis”. But it gets better. First, some backround – the actual news story.

A night of hurling improvised cherry bombs from a pickup truck ended poorly for one Canton resident on Sunday night.

According to Canton Police, a 23-year-old man sought treatment at Oakwood Healthcare Center on Canton Center […]

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