Our boy Phil de Vellis lands a gig with media consulting firm Murphy Putnam Media. So much for 45 degrees downward – I was not nice. [ht RCP] Akers at WaPo’s The Sleuth has the scoop. You know how melikes irony:

Ironically, the man who cooked up an ad that ends with “BarackObama.com” will be working for an Obama rival in his new capacity. The firm de Vellis is joining represents New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson in the 2008 campaign. (Uh-oh, should Richardson now kiss good-bye his chances of becoming Clinton’s VP pick?)

Found this interesting too:

Sources familiar with Murphy Putnam’s hiring of de Vellis said the move will put the firm far ahead of the competition in new media, the blending of edgy online ads with traditional TV spots. But others say de Vellis might not be at home in the halls of a blue chip consulting firm. According to this view, de Vellis is used to the amorphous, free-form blogosphere, which is uninhibited by the tighter regulations on traditional TV media ads, such as copyright laws.

Uh, he’s fucked that blogosphere thing up too. Ask around Ohio. 😉