Update: Irony Alert! Official Caught Using Escort Service Demanded Anti-Prostitution ?Loyalty Oaths?

You have to think this one is gonna get bigger (ht BSB and reader tip):

Randall L. Tobias, the deputy secretary of state responsible for U.S. foreign aid, abruptly resigned yesterday after he was asked about an upscale escort service allegedly involved in prostitution, U.S. government sources said.

Tobias resigned after ABC News contacted him with questions about the escort service, the sources said. ABC News released a statement last night saying Tobias acknowledged Thursday that he had used the service to provide massages, not sex.

Add another to the family values file. This one is gonna be fun to watch all next week. Don’t miss 20/20 on Friday! I’m headed out now to buy popcorn. Love those family values! Why might this one blow up bigger?

Deborah Jeane Palfrey, who operated the escort service, was indicted on federal racketeering charges in February and has threatened to expose her high-profile client list.

Ruh Roh.

Side note: My wife is a massage therapist and really gets pissed off when people use the “massage” excuse for engaging in prostitution. The escort service used claims they provide “legal, sexual game-playing for $275 per 90-minute session”. Um. Yeah. A 90 minute therapeutic massage runs ya about $100-120. I’ll let Holly weigh in if she wants to, but you might wanna do a virtual duck because she’s gonna be pissed…

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