Mission Accomplished

from Think Progress:

Bush to receive Iraq bill on ?Mission Accomplished? day.

CNN has confirmed that Congress? Iraq withdrawal legislation will be delivered to President Bush on Tuesday, making it highly likely that Bush will veto the bill on the four year anniversary of his infamous ?Mission Accomplished? speech

Yep. Love me some irony…

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  • John

    Just like the Democrats to put getting a soundbite over the welfare of the troops. Sunshine patriots, all of them. What a sad and pathetic existence to revel in the difficulty we face in Iraq, to wish for defeat just to smear it in your opponents face, to take silent glee in the rising numbers of casualties. Fear not Democrats, we 10% will continue to protect you even though you loathe us.

  • Welfare of the troops? Get real. You have no idea what you are talking about. “Difficulty we face in Iraq”. There is treatment for such delusions.

    Nobody wishes for defeat, but we recognize it when we see it. Silent glee in the rising numbers of casualties? Are you sick?

    Your ignorant ass and your kind have no clue how to protect us.

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