Good stuff:

WASHINGTON (CNN) — When it comes to Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment — “Thou shalt not speak ill of thy fellow Republicans” — GOP presidential candidates seem to be losing their religion…Republican candidates have been speaking a lot of ill — sometimes quite directly.

It has been said that when Democrats lose an election, they form a circular firing squad. Last year, Republicans lost. So it’s their turn to fire on one another.

Conservatives argue Republicans lost because they veered from their conservative principles on issues like the deficit…The top-tier Republican candidates are all suspect to solid conservatives, who fear they are losing their hard-won influence in the Republican Party.

[Giggles] Trust me. These guys don’t want to get into a “how conservative are you” battle. Smart Republicans know this. Gonna be fun to watch the circular firing squad. The talent at the top tiers couldn’t have a wider gulf…and Fred Thompson can’t save them. Iraq has so screwed their message discipline up it will be tough to recover. Fun for me though!

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