A real life tale of one couple’s abortion. Presented without commentary, if only to provide balance to wingnuts who claim abortion is just about selfish, spoiled people who can’t be “inconvenienced” by a baby.

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  • Wow. Just wow.

    “then, I start to think about the abortion debate. About pro-lifers, in particular. I think about all those meddling politicians that would want to interject themselves into everything that just happened to me, interject themselves between me, my wife, and her doctors. And then I had a strong, visceral reaction. I wanted the mutherfuckers to die.”

    Bring the real…

  • I know, right? I had three or four different commentaries I tried to add to the link, and deleted each of them because it didn’t seem like I could do this experience justice. Like adding some kind of political commentary would cheapen it.

    This is a hard thing for couples (or worse, single women) to deal with. This guy (since his wife was incapacitated) waited as long as he could, agonizing over it, and how could some politician come in and say “no, your wife isn’t sick enough yet to abort that healthy fetus. It’s ‘just’ her health.” Ugh.

    I don’t know what I’d do, and I hope I never have to be in that situation, but I can’t imagine watching my wife bleed profusely and saying “she’s not at the brink of death yet – let’s see where this goes”. I expect I would have been terrified.

    I just don’t get how anyone thinks they have the right to force some scared woman to carry a pregancy to term, come hell or high water. I’ve had relatives miscarry (I didn’t know about it for years), and I’ve had other relatives lose an infant (birth defects), and they most definitely are NOT the same thing. I don’t know if I’ve had a relative abort a pregnancy, and frankly I don’t want to know – that’s her business, not mine.

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