Most recent McCain gaffes (he should go pro) have him singing a song about dropping bombs on Iran and joking about giving Jon Stewart an IED as a gift from his shopping spree in Iraq. In case you’ve been sleeping in a cave for the last few years, an IED is an “improvised explosive device”. The kind currently being used to kill our troops in Iraq. HA HA HA HA!


I noticed the Stewart joke in this clip (first one). It was a nervous attempt to deflect the criticism that John knew was coming. A poor attempt and a bad choice given his reputation as a soldier’s soldier.

His response? “Lighten up and get a life”. He used to use humor all the time when he was in combat situations, says McCain. Ahum. Excuse me sir. You are NOT in a combat situation. You are running to be the Commander in Chief of these troops and to make light of a situation that kills them daily is probably not the best thing to do. You are in the public eye, not hanging around eating MREs with the homies.

Like Jon Stewart said, there are no pre-season games. These all count Senator. You are down 3 games to none in this 7 game series. When will the towel hit the mat?

…I’m just glad he didn’t sing the entire Vince Vance song.