When I first heard about Karl Rove being investigated by special counsel, my first thought was “yeah, right”. Turns out that may have been a pretty good instinct. Should we believe it when Scott J. Bloch says:

“We will take the evidence where it leads us,”…”We will not leave any stone unturned.”

Uh, not really. First off, Scott is a Republican and was appointed by Bush. He used to be Deputy Director and Counsel to the Task Force for Faith-based and Community Initiatives at the DOJ. Check his bio. He’s also under investigation himself for retaliating against employees who disagreed with his policies. I’ve also read elsewhere that dude is pretty much an all around jerk off. One of his first moves apparently was to remove from all OSC complaint forms the phrase “sexual orientation”. He’s also reported to have bluntly refused to investigate any claims of “sexual harassment” involving gay or lesbian federal employees. You feeling the independent nature of the upcoming investigation here? I’m not.

Gets better. Scott hired Alan Hicks, his son’s former headmaster, for a one-year, $112,000 position that produced one four page memo. (Hicks left his headmaster position after the cover-up of a predatory priest scandal had been exposed) – ht Counterbias. Good people all!

What’s that smell? Yah. You got it. Cover up city. Folks that get all excited and start singing the ding dong the witch is dead song best take a broader look. You’re about to get Roved.

Think Progress is digging. You should too!

David Corn at The Nation’s Blog sums it up best:

It is a dizzying situation. The investigator investigating officials who oversee the agency that is investigating the investigator. Forget firewalls. This looks more like a basement flooded with backed-up sewage–with the water rising.

Even more breathtaking, Justin at ABC News’ The Blotter has this:

But government watchdogs have accused Bloch himself of similar behavior. In April 2005, they and others complained the White House appointee had allowed his office to “sit on” a complaint that then-White House National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice used government funds to travel in support of President Bush’s re-election bid.

By contrast, they said, Bloch ordered an immediate on-site investigation of a complaint that Bush’s challenger for the White House, Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., improperly campaigned in a government workplace, which had been filed around the same time.

Heh. These guys are too funny. Bloch’s office did say that Kerry didn’t violate the Hatch Act, but never commented on Condi. Well played.

So…does Bloch play this investigation game to get himself out of trouble? There were reports that even the White House wanted him to resign. Could he be initiating a squeeze play? Gather the popcorn kids. This one could get good.

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