I heard rumblings of this earlier today and Jerid over at BSB confirms it with an exclusive phone interview with John. This is good stuff. John appears to be very solid and will make a formidable candidate. Jerid links to a post by Tim Tagaris just after the November election and it’s worth checking out:

One thing is clear, however: This is one district Democrats need to field a strong candidate in for presidential purposes…I love this district, it’s so compelling to me and will one day be a legitimate pick-up opportunity for Democrats. One way or another, it also might be one of our best shots to increase the majority in the next cycle when most pundits will place a premium on defense of the seats we gained on Tuesday.

This should shape up to be THE battleground (along with the 15th again) in the next election. I join Jerid in his excitement of possibly having John take this on and the possibility of a pickup in the 16th. Fresh horses…