For the past few weeks, Governor Strickland has been traveling around the state on a publicity tour- for his budget.

Specifically, his tax cut for Ohio’s seniors.

And everyone seems to love the idea- even the Buckeye Institute!

According to the toledo blade:

The Buckeye Institute – a think tank where failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell holds a fellowship – has minimal objections.

“I begrudge no one their tax cuts,” said David Hansen, Buckeye Institute president. “It’s a smart political move, but not really smart policywise if you’re thinking about Ohio’s long-term future.”

The only person who hasn’t expressed an opinion is Ohio House Speaker Jon Husted (R., Kettering)- not because he doesn’t like the idea- but because he wishes he thought of it first.

According to his spokesperson, Husted will “arrive at a formal position this week after consulting with the Republican caucus.”

In other words: Husted likes the budget but knows that supporting it will give the new Governor credibility (God Forbid!) and hurt the party’s chances of beating Strickland in 2010.

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