From the daily archives: Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ah irony. [Breaths in deeply] That sweet smell resulting from those being caught completely unaware that the words they are blogging don’t actually have the intended effect, but instead reflect upon them in a most unfortunate way. Take a recent post by our favorite wingnut GOP talking point automaton boy Matt Naugle. Matt is upset because the Senate voted 32-0 to change outdated language referring to those with mental illness as “idiots, imbeciles, lunatics and insane persons”.

First off, the 32-0 vote should have clued Matty Boy in to the fact that he was dancing on that far […]

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I heard rumblings of this earlier today and Jerid over at BSB confirms it with an exclusive phone interview with John. This is good stuff. John appears to be very solid and will make a formidable candidate. Jerid links to a post by Tim Tagaris just after the November election and it’s worth checking out:

One thing is clear, however: This is one district Democrats need to field a strong candidate in for presidential purposes…I love this district, it’s so compelling to me and will one day be a legitimate pick-up opportunity for Democrats. One way or another, […]

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Oh. My. God. (video)

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Continuing with the video theme, our favorite batshit insane wingnut hottie (that’s Michelle Malkin) goes all out in this one…


HT: Wonkette.

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Bush Does a Plunderdance (video)

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Here it is. Your evening moment of Zen:

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Great stuff:

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Part 2 after the break…

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Paging The Bizzy Whizz Whizz

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Ahum: Paging our fearless media corrective force Tom Blumer. Blue Light Special for you sir. We want 18 updates and copious research on this one:

Murdoch’s New York Post Rewrites Associated Press Story To Make It Way Worse For Dems

[sound of crickets chirping]

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For the past few weeks, Governor Strickland has been traveling around the state on a publicity tour- for his budget.

Specifically, his tax cut for Ohio’s seniors.

And everyone seems to love the idea- even the Buckeye Institute!

According to the toledo blade:

The Buckeye Institute – a think tank where failed Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell holds a fellowship – has minimal objections.

“I begrudge no one their tax cuts,” said David Hansen, Buckeye Institute president. “It’s a smart political move, but not really smart policywise if you’re thinking about Ohio’s long-term future.”

The only person who hasn’t […]

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You hear or read somet things and immediately think “uh huh…that’s about right”. This headline in yesterday’s NYT is one of those times:

OSHA Leaves Worker Safety in Hands of Industry

In this administration? You bet. This graphic tells you about all you need to know:

Since George W. Bush became president, OSHA has issued the fewest significant standards in its history, public health experts say. It has imposed only one major safety rule. The only significant health standard it issued was ordered by a federal court.

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Husted and Co. Hate Poor Kids

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OK, they don’t hate poor kids. They hate investing in keeping poor kids healthy. It’s pure conjecture at this point as to whether or not they actually hate the kids themselves…

From today’s Dispatch:

The governor’s plan to provide health insurance for some of Ohio’s neediest families likely will be dropped by House Republicans to pay part of their proposed increase in state aid to higher education.

What does John need the money for?

House Speaker Jon A. Husted, R-Kettering, needs roughly $150 million to fund three higher-education initiatives: $100 million in new scholarships; $34 million more in funding […]

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More on concealed-carry

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Yesterday I indicated that I’m against concealed-carry in a post about a Cleveland man defending himself from an armed attacker. The article indicated that the incident may have been the first instance of a concealed-carry self-defense shooting.

The Buckeye Firearms Association contends otherwise.

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