[Pinned to the top until all the creative juice is squeezed from the ‘sphere…] That’s right folks. Plundershirts. Old friends will know I’ve talked about this for a long time but never got it done. Well, this year at Bloggapalooza there will be shirts. Not just shirts. Plundershirts. But wait…there’s more! For a limited time YOU can design the back! That’s right. YOU! We’re going to offer our readers the chance to design the backs of the shirts. I’ll decide on a final 5 and if you are one of those – your Plundershirt is free. FREE I say! From the final 5, the Plundercrew will pick the top design to make into the official v1.0 Plundershirt which will debut at Bloggapalooza 2007.

Act now in the comments with your back of shirt suggestion!


Fine Print: I pick the top 5 designs that make the final cut. Just me. No arguing, whining, bitching, or complaining. It’s up to me. The Plundercrew together picks the top design that actually gets made into a shirt. Us. Not you. Period. Again, no whining. You can suggest slogans multiple times, but frequency does not quarantee quality, nor does your persistence impress us. One strikingly good suggestion is enough. Offer not valid for wingnuts, psychopaths, or employees of elected officials (just kidding Russell, damn!)

The following are already taken (by me):

“A Progressive Political Playground”
“Crack Hits for Campaign Staffs”
“You Don’t Read Plunderbund? Damn Son!”
“Plunderbund! Bomaye!”

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