Matty over a RABid continues to intentionally misrepresent gun control efforts in what can really only be termed celebrating a 25 year old man using a concealed weapon to defend himself – and kill – a 15 year old would-be criminal.

The PD’s blog post said, “Opponents said [Well’s gun] took Buford’s [life] – that the 15-year-old might be alive if a citizen had not been armed.” And that statement is true- But if Toby Hoover and other anti-2nd Amendment types had their way, Damon Wells might be dead.

No – if Toby Hoover had his way, Buford wouldn’t have had a gun, and thus would still be alive. Right there, at the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence website, they state their #1 goal is to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

Ohio must stop gun sales to criminals

  • Close loopholes that allow 40% of guns purchased in Ohio to be from unlicensed dealers, without the instant background checks required by the Brady Law.
  • Pass a one-gun-a-month law to prevent the illegal practice of secondary gun sales to criminals.
  • Mandate the registration of all handguns: handguns are used in 3/4 of firearm deaths and the public overwhelmingly supports handgun licensing and registration. See the results of this independent poll.

Funny – I don’t read anything there about being against the 2nd Amendment, or wanting guns outlawed, or really anything that justifies the “gun grabber” label.

Frankly, that’s a giant scare tactic by wingnuts who for some reason don’t mind criminals having easy access to firearms.

So, in the end in the three years the concealed-carry law has been in effect in Ohio, it’s been used for it’s stated purpose exactly once. And it wasn’t some hardened criminal, with priors for rape and armed robbery who ended up dead – it was a kid. It’s true we don’t know what the outcome would have been had Wells not been carrying, but I suspect his wallet would have just been a little lighter. So while the outcome could have been worse, it’s hard to say that this outcome was a good one.

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