Forget Rod Parsley’s “Blame Sin” excuse. Bill Murchison has a much simpler and much more elegant theory on what cause the Virginia Tech tragedy: It’s the Devil, Stupid.

In his latest article, Murchison calls ‘the rampage of Seung-Hui Cho’ a ‘modern horror’ and blames it on ‘the devil and the powers of darkness.” (Other modern horrors include: al-Qaeda, the Rwandan massacres, Idi Amin and the holocaust of the Jews.)

Unfortunately, he doesn’t offer his readers a lot of hope. ‘Secularized moderns’, he says, ‘are ill-equipped to deal with the problem of evil.’ Mainly because we don’t believe in the concept of evil.

( Oh crap! I think he’s talking about ME! )

Anyway- he does offer one potention solution with this prayer:

“That it may please thee to strengthen such as do stand; and to comfort and help the weak-hearted; and to raise up those who fall; and finally to beat down Satan under our feet, we beseech thee to hear us, good Lord.”

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