rev-rod-parsley.jpgIn a post on the Washington Post website, Rod Parsley suggests that we Blame Sin, Not God for the Virginia Tech shootings- and claims that “choosing a world view that excludes God and disregards the value of human life makes the unforgettable scenes from Virginia Tech possible.”

This horrible event, according to Rod, was “nothing less and nothing other than the result of one young man?s sin.”

What a load of horse shit! This kid obviously had serious mental problems- end of story.

If they are going to let nut-jobs like Parsley use a national tragedy to push their own agenda, then the Washington Post might as well let Tom Cruise write an essay from the Scientology perspective e.g. “There is no such thing as mental illness- this guy just had too many misplaced thetans“.

Or maybe they should have Ken Blackwell write about the need for school vouchers for higher education- and how it could have prevented this kind of tragedy.

I know the paper is biased- but jeez- COME ON!

  • I’m just glad we are addressing the issue of mental illness and gun ownership finally. It’s about time guys like Parsley are not allowed to carry!

  • Yep. I propose that the first question on the new handgun purchase questionaire be:

    Are you now, or have you ever been, in direct communication with God or some other higher power?

    Obviously, dudes who think that God speaks directly to them- or through them- probably shouldn’t be walking around with any kind of weapon.

  • It’s guys like Parsley that give average Christians a bad name. I think it’s absurd to ignore the human condition of mental illness and blame it on something as ordinary as sin. Everyone sins, not everyone uses guns to do it.

  • Amen, Chrissy!

  • By the way, Parsley knows how to sin with the best of ’em. A friend caught him on a shiny yacht on the shores of Lake Erie last summer with several scantily clad young women. My friend knew who the Good Reverend was and played “poker” with him by asking him what he did for a living. The response from Parsley? “Oh, I’m in business near Columbus…” Wow! He blew the chance to bear witness to the Gospel that day! Hypocrite!!! Sinnner!!!

  • Eric, Great line! I haven’t stopped laughing yet.

    The Columbus Dispatch has a great editorial about responsible gun laws in today’s paper.

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