OK, so that’s not really a news flash. But he said something last Friday that offered tremendous insight into his character:

I emphasize, that is the priority for me as the President. It?s [1] my faith, [2] my family, and [3] my country.

Now, I won’t criticize an Average Joe who has this order of priority in his life. Hell, I consider my family more important than my job, and refuse to be one of those 100-hour-per-week drones. But when our soldiers put their country before their families, is it too much to ask for our President – the man elected by the people of this country to lead this country – to put his country at the top of his priority list? Being President is a difficult job that requires great sacrifice. Mr. “On Vacation in Crawford” has never really seemed the type willing to make great sacrifice.

For some unfathomable reason, the American people put their trust in Dubya (twice!), and this statement on it’s own shows that he’s not worthy of that trust, regardless of his dismal performance record. Just another brick in the wall.

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