From the daily archives: Monday, April 23, 2007

In a post on the Washington Post website, Rod Parsley suggests that we Blame Sin, Not God for the Virginia Tech shootings- and claims that “choosing a world view that excludes God and disregards the value of human life makes the unforgettable scenes from Virginia Tech possible.”

This horrible event, according to Rod, was “nothing less and nothing other than the result of one young man?s sin.”

What a load of horse shit! This kid obviously had serious mental problems- end of story.

If they are going to let nut-jobs like Parsley use a national tragedy […]

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OK, so that’s not really a news flash. But he said something last Friday that offered tremendous insight into his character:

I emphasize, that is the priority for me as the President. It?s [1] my faith, [2] my family, and [3] my country.

Now, I won’t criticize an Average Joe who has this order of priority in his life. Hell, I consider my family more important than my job, and refuse to be one of those 100-hour-per-week drones. But when our soldiers put their country before their families, is it too much to ask for our President – the […]

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I like guns

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I have an admission to make: I like guns. They are fun to fire. They have useful purposes, ranging from hunting to fighting threats. While I do not own one, I do plan on purchasing one and making range visits regularly for the entertainment value and for the potential SHTF (shit hits the fan) moment. (See the previous post – or post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans – for why being prepared for the undesirable and unlikely might be a decent idea. If Boy Scouts taught me one thing, it’s “Be Prepared”. BTW – owning a gun is not properly securing your […]

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Bees! They’re NOT everywhere!

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More on Colony Collapse Disorder, including why this is significant for commercial crop production.

[Eric: Couple more topical YouTubes after the break]

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