Jill (write like she talks) and Matt (right angle blog) were guests on Capitol Square today. Click on the image below to view a very low-res version of the first few questions.


I have to admit: I actually felt kind of bad for Matt. You could tell just by the introductions that this wasn’t going to be a fair match-up.

Jill’s answers were smart, solid and fair- just like she writes ;).

And Matt- well, typical right-wing, liberal-media-conspiracy crap.

I’ll include a transcript of the first few questions below, but you really have to watch it

Dan (host): Tell me the three hottest things in the Ohio political blogosphere right now…

Jill: Analysis of Strickland’s first 100 days,
The erosion of homerule by the General Assembly’s legislative moves,
The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections

Matt: Strickland attacks School Choice
Marc Dann Fires his Top Cop
Brunner’s son smokes pot

Dan: allegedly.. allegedly… at least that’s the topic from your point of view.

Dan: where do you see yourself in the spectrum of political information…

Matt: I think that the job of the conservative blogosphere is to do the job that is to answer the question who will watch the watchers. Our job is to make sure that the biased liberal press is kept to task to where we make sure that their agenda is exposed for what it is: that they are liberal, that they are anti-gun, they are anti-school-choice, they are in favor or larger government, and the press arranges their articles and their print media to fit that agenda. and so by doing this, we are able to keep track of what the agenda is and then explain to our readers what that agenda is.”