Jill (write like she talks) and Matt (right angle blog) were guests on Capitol Square today. Click on the image below to view a very low-res version of the first few questions.


I have to admit: I actually felt kind of bad for Matt. You could tell just by the introductions that this wasn’t going to be a fair match-up.

Jill’s answers were smart, solid and fair- just like she writes ;).

And Matt- well, typical right-wing, liberal-media-conspiracy crap.

I’ll include a transcript of the first few questions below, but you really have to watch it

Dan (host): Tell me the three hottest things in the Ohio political blogosphere right now…

Jill: Analysis of Strickland’s first 100 days,
The erosion of homerule by the General Assembly’s legislative moves,
The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections

Matt: Strickland attacks School Choice
Marc Dann Fires his Top Cop
Brunner’s son smokes pot

Dan: allegedly.. allegedly… at least that’s the topic from your point of view.

Dan: where do you see yourself in the spectrum of political information…

Matt: I think that the job of the conservative blogosphere is to do the job that is to answer the question who will watch the watchers. Our job is to make sure that the biased liberal press is kept to task to where we make sure that their agenda is exposed for what it is: that they are liberal, that they are anti-gun, they are anti-school-choice, they are in favor or larger government, and the press arranges their articles and their print media to fit that agenda. and so by doing this, we are able to keep track of what the agenda is and then explain to our readers what that agenda is.”

  • Man, I love the thumbnail.

  • After starting the interview with that goofy smile, Matt did recover a little and, overall, did better than I expected

    I don’t think he’ll make it as a regular TV personally. But he did a good job sticking to his talking points and pushing his agenda.

    Which, after all, is why we all hate him- why his readers love him- and why he and his blog have continued to be popular.

    He certainly needs some help with his speaking skills- but at least he comes across as honest: he really believes Ohio media is controlled by liberals and it’s his job to keep them accountable.

  • Man, this is damn near as good as the old “official campaign blogger” video. That one was a classic and set the tone for months of Matt-bashing.

    I do feel for the kid as well. He seems to have almost zero ability to think critically – or even think at times. It’s almost as if he has had a chip implanted and can only spout conservative bullshit like a boy automaton.

    …and what is that saying about a face for radio? Matt has a voice for blogs. Typing only Matt. Typing only bro.

  • He certainly needs some help with his speaking skills- but at least he comes across as honest: he really believes Ohio media is controlled by liberals and it?s his job to keep them accountable.

    Is dogged adherence to a paranoid delusion really a commendable trait?

  • They say pictures are worth a thousand words….. this one would make you a millionaire!

    That mug is enough to turn a republican into a democrat.

    Pretty sad Matt got shown up.

    But come on – Top Cop? Son smokes pot? That’s like tabloid crap!

    The three topics Jill brought up were like soft balls waiting to be hit out of the park.

    Stricklands 100 days – How about that school funding promise?

    Erosion of Home Rule? Please the local cities have stretched home rule farther than it was ever intended.

    Cuy. Co. BOE – Bennett was a joke. The Board was a joke. Worst in Ohio. I think 2nd worst in the U.S.

    Should have removed Vu when the dems wanted to. By not doing so and playing party politics, he allowed Brunner to come in and take control of board. His escapades in futilty afterwards were an shameful!

    The party members that ‘bought’ into his this is for the party are a big a joke as him. His fighting for his job was about his ego, not the party.

    By doing so, this undermined any effort of the GOP to make an issue of Brunners lobbyist husband advertising his new influence.

    I don’t think Frost has a chance in hell of being appointed to the BOE by Brunner. Thanks to Blob Bennetts ego trip.

    So in essence Bennet hand delivered the Cuy. Co. BOE to Brunner to control during the ’08 election.

    I do agree th, th, th, th, that Matt needs to stay behind the type writer though.

    Plus it gets him in shape for his boxing matches he likes to challenge people with.

  • Matt was asked if there was a line that shouldn’t be crossed by bloggers. I have not been able to put up a blog post about the show yet, because I can’t do it without crossing mine.

    Beyond that, however, color me ticked off at how Matt played into every negative stereotype that people, including the panel, have about bloggers.

  • The one question not asked of Matt that I was looking for:

    “Matt, have you ever kissed a girl?”

  • Better version of the video…

    PART 1:

    PART 2:

  • I thought Matt IS a negative stereotype….

    I wonder if he had his Ken Blacksmell action figures under his chair…..

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