I suppose you could call the Virginia Tech shootings a national tragedy.

Ohio politicians seem to think so.

At the request of Virginia’s governor, Ted Strickland asked Ohioans to “observe a moment of silence or ring a bell at noon Friday in honor of the victims.” ( An odd request, in my opinion, since it’s difficult to mourn silently while people are ringing bells all around you. )

He also ordered that “the Ohio state flag be lowered to half-staff at the Statehouse and all public buildings” through Sunday.

Dennis Kucinich, on the other hand, decided to shut down his presidential campaign website for 24 hours. A gesture equal in value and significance to giving up broccoli for lent.

Personally, I’d like to see Dennis (or Ted) come right out and say what’s on everyone’s mind: The meaningless killing of American kids is tragic no matter where it happens.

Shootings on a college campus are a shock- but ONE HUNDRED TIMES as many American kids (3,316) have died in Iraq.

Isn’t THAT just as tragic?