(I’ve been traveling on business today, and haven’t even fired up my RSS reader. This is my raw opinion, unfiltered by ideas floated on other blogs yet to be read.)

This might seem like an odd thing to say in the face of the worst incident of gun violence in the history of the United States, but this terrible tragedy has actually renewed my faith in the future of America.

Allow me to explain. More than once we’ve had phone (and in one case, TV) interviews with students extremely close to the tragedy; two of the kids were actually in one of the classrooms the gunman entered and discharged his weapon in. Just hours removed from the incident, these kids are calm and composed. They are matter of fact in relaying the facts of what transpired. And most importantly, instead of talking about how traumatized they were, or how terrible the experience was, many of these kids have been totally selfless. One young man talked about how he tried to help as many of his classmates as possible. He also spoke about how the most important thing was thinking of the families of those killed or injured. He was not the only one who expressed these kinds of feelings.

I’m not interested in talking about the political and policy ramifications of today. Not for a while yet. But it is heartening to see the very best in people rise to the top in such a terrible situation. Under pressure, the young men and women of this country can and will step forward. And that’s a tremendous thing.

We’re going to be OK.

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