It is simple. Because there are people who would send hate mail to Rutgers athletes after the firing of Don Imus. You read this and go “no. no way. that’s gotta be made up.” Then you pause and remember all the clues that came before. “nope. that’d be about right.”

For her part, Don’s wife gets it:

“I want to say the hate mail being sent to them must stop,” Deirdre said. “If any one has hate mail, send it to my husband…You’re doing the wrong thing here.”

How someone can go from hearing these girls were all called nappy headed hoes to wanting to send them a letter is a leap I can’t quit wrap my brain around. You? Help us.

  • People are idiots. These young women never did anything to earn the statement from Imus, and then did absolutely nothing to deserve hate mail. They never once agitated for Imus to be fired. In fact, they specifically avoided ever asking for it, even when directly questioned.

    They just wanted an apology, which they were owed, and for it to go away, which they deserved. I guess one out of two will have to do.

  • It’s not surprising that very people who found Imus’ lame humor funny would feel the need to threaten one of his targets. Seriously, think about it for a second and it’s clear.

  • Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner folks. Step right up Mr. Horse and claim your prize. What will it be? The Led Zeppelin mirror or the ZZ Top belt buckle?

    Seriously. Spot on.

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