There’s an age old rule that you learn as a kid (because you do it) but become intimately familiar once you have kids: That which is told of kids not to do, will be done. Write it down. Place a bet. Put it in the bank. It is the way it is. The best you can hope for is to educate your kids. Share with them all that you know. Let them know your fuckups along with your successes. Hope for the best and be there when they fall. Rinse. Repeat.

That’s why I’m not surprised to hear that abstinence only education programs do not in any way decrease the probability that a teenager will have sex any more distant from the mean than any other teenager. It’s one of those things that doesn’t really take a study, but since we got one let’s share:

(CNN) Students who took part in sexual abstinence programs were just as likely to have sex as those who did not, according to a study ordered by Congress.

Also, those who attended one of the four abstinence classes that were reviewed reported having similar numbers of sexual partners as those who did not attend the classes. And they first had sex at about the same age as other students — 14.9 years, according to Mathematica Policy Research Inc.

$176 million on something that doesn’t work. I wonder if the OMB will downgrade the program from adequate? If you want to look at the program in more detail, you can do that here. A few of my favorites:

  • While the program provides an estimate of the number of new grants it can award with additional funding, it does not explain how the new grants will impact the annual and long-term goals. In other words, it is unable to clearly define a direct relationship between the performance goals and resources.
  • The program does not regularly collect high-quality performance data related to program goals and has not established baseline data to set meaningful ambitious performance targets.
  • The program does not collect, compile, and disseminate grantee performance information in an accessible manner to the public.
  • The program has newly established program specific, annual measures. However, baselines will not be established until March 2009. As such, no data is available to show that the program is achievings its annual goals.

A simple solution that those with agendas will not listen to: teach the kids the whole ball of wax. Education is empowerment. Ditch your dogma and stop failing the kids with this evangelical sexual teetotaler crap.

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Update: Found this Zimmerman video which is appropriate. I just about ruined my laptop when I started it and the first thing he said was “Abstinence only sex education. That’s kinda like saying “just hold it” potty training.”

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