Big uproar in southern Delaware County lately. Hell’s breaking loose all over the county! Seems some high school kids are writing in their school newspapers about sex and relationships.




They did not! I’m tellinnnnnnn! Latest news is they’ve done it again. This kind of shit makes you want to stand on a chair in the middle of the room and yell PEOPLE at the top of your lungs until everyone rids themselves of monkey mind clutter. Remind them that they were here once and that the kids are alright.

Instead we get comments like this:

“I am not in favor of censorship,” board member Julie Wagner Feasel said yesterday. “But in journalism, you have to take into account your community standards, and it is all right for the students to learn that what is OK for publication in Berkeley, Calif., may not be OK in Holmes County, Ohio.”

Uh…Holmes County? What the hell does a comparison of Amish country and Berkeley give us? Just the most hyper-exaggerated difference possible I guess. That’s not my favorite though. My favorite comes from the Olentangy School Board Vice President Brad Reynolds:

“This is not the end of the world, and we have so many bigger issues to be discussing,” he said. “We thought this was fixed before and we tripped up again. I hope we’ve neared the end of it.”

He hopes they’ve neared the end of it. By god i hope we’re p’ert near the end of it too Brad. Sho nuff do. Just have the kids abstain from writing. Fuck it.

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