The CoC is alive and well here in this red county. Our Sheriff Al Myers – A Republican elected in 1992 to the post – plead guilty to 2 misdemeanors in a plea deal that avoided a felony charges. Al’s a real winner. First he’s embroiled in a discrimination suit in 2005 for wrongful termination of a pregnant deputy who had requested light duty. That one zinged us taxpayers for $150k.

Next he takes a Lexus seized by the county in a drug bust and trades it in at a dealership for a new Trailblazer – for his personal use. Al says: “I didn’t believe i was violating any ethical laws…”

Nice. Gets better. The dealership where he bought the SUV? His son works there. He got a commission for the sale. Al also used $187,000 from a Homeland Security grant to buy a 15,000 pound armored vehicle. For when the jihadists target the fair.

Score one for the ethically tone deaf. Sheriff Al loses his badge May 31 and we’ll have to see what other winger we end up with. Meanwhile the GOP in these parts are worried about the good sheriff taking them all down with him. He’s being cut away like a loose thread. They don’t want to see their sweater destroyed. County Commissioner Kris Jordan began banding on Myers back in December, saying:

“We shouldn’t have to pay for all of his mistakes,” Commissioner Kris Jordan said. Jordan added that he thinks support for Myers, a 14-year Republican officeholder, is wavering within the local GOP.

“I’ve heard from some members of the party who think that it’s embarrassing to the party and to the office of sheriff,” Jordan said.

Myers has been a trainwreck. Pulling over a hundred thousand dollars out of his office budget for legal fees in just 3 years. The GOP better hope they can clean up their act, else the blue trend will continue and overtake them.