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Creation Science 101 (Video)

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I’m off to a book and a glass of bourbon. Check in from Boston. ’til then have a good weekend enjoy a bit of Roy Zimmerman:

(ht Village Green)

…for the record, “Let’s Go After The Buddhists” is by far my favorite Zimmerman.

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There’s an age old rule that you learn as a kid (because you do it) but become intimately familiar once you have kids: That which is told of kids not to do, will be done. Write it down. Place a bet. Put it in the bank. It is the way it is. The best you can hope for is to educate your kids. Share with them all that you know. Let them know your fuckups along with your successes. Hope for the best and be there when they fall. Rinse. Repeat.

That’s why I’m not surprised to hear that abstinence […]

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Is Mitt conservative enough to win the Republican primary?

Probably not.

He’s been making campaign contributions to democrats – including (hehehe) U.S. Rep. Dick Swett (D-NH).

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Why We Are Doomed

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It is simple. Because there are people who would send hate mail to Rutgers athletes after the firing of Don Imus. You read this and go “no. no way. that’s gotta be made up.” Then you pause and remember all the clues that came before. “nope. that’d be about right.”

For her part, Don’s wife gets it:

“I want to say the hate mail being sent to them must stop,” Deirdre said. “If any one has hate mail, send it to my husband…You’re doing the wrong thing here.”

How someone can go from hearing these girls were all called […]

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Tastes like chicken!

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Science is fun:

Tiny bits of protein extracted from a 68-million-year-old dinosaur bone have given scientists the first genetic proof that the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex is a distant cousin to the modern chicken.

“It’s the first molecular evidence of this link between birds and dinosaurs,” said John Asara, a Harvard Medical School researcher, whose results were published in Friday’s edition of the journal Science.

Scientists have long suspected that birds evolved from dinosaurs based on a study of dinosaur bones, but until recently, no soft tissue had survived to confirm the link.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force was right yet […]

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The CoC is alive and well here in this red county. Our Sheriff Al Myers – A Republican elected in 1992 to the post – plead guilty to 2 misdemeanors in a plea deal that avoided a felony charges. Al’s a real winner. First he’s embroiled in a discrimination suit in 2005 for wrongful termination of a pregnant deputy who had requested light duty. That one zinged us taxpayers for $150k.

Next he takes a Lexus seized by the county in a drug bust and trades it in at a dealership for a new Trailblazer – for his […]

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Say it With Me: Pluripotency

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Bizzy asks the question: “When does it become OK to ask how many lives that could have been saved or improved by other stem cell research efforts have instead been sacrificed because of money diverted to the ‘Hail Mary’ black hole of embyronic stem cell research?”

First off I think to call embryonic stem cell research a hail mary black hole is a bit over the top – especially for the usually measured Tom Blumer. I’ll do my best to respond in a very measured fashion.

Tom, don’t be a fucking idiot. To treat embryonic and adult stem cell […]

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Rudy! Rudy! Rudy!

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TDS takes a look at the Republican frontrunners for President (McCain, Giuliani, and Romney):

Gotta love Rudy’s classic (er, creepy) cross-dressing bit.

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Remember the very last excuse the Bush administration came to in the rope? The one they fastidiously tied a knot at the end of and held on for dear life? You remember. Purple fingers and the spread of liberty and democracy. That one.

So 4 years after Saddam is ousted are we there yet? Well, The Democracy Coalition Project doesn’t think so because Iraq is not invited to their exclusive democracy-only meeting. State Department is pissed, but what are you gonna do when Baghdad bridges are falling down and Iraqi legislators are calling the security plan […]

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Big uproar in southern Delaware County lately. Hell’s breaking loose all over the county! Seems some high school kids are writing in their school newspapers about sex and relationships.




They did not! I’m tellinnnnnnn! Latest news is they’ve done it again. This kind of shit makes you want to stand on a chair in the middle of the room and yell PEOPLE at the top of your lungs until everyone rids themselves of monkey mind clutter. Remind them that they were here once and that the kids are alright.

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(CNN) Leahy with the rimshot:

“You can’t erase e-mails, not today,” said Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vermont. “They’ve gone through too many servers. They can’t say they’ve been lost. That’s like saying, ‘The dog ate my homework.’ “

OK, so that’s funny. Time for the not funny – no, sorry, it’s all pretty funny. In a “this is my country?” kinda way.

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