Why does it always seem that I get a bug up my ass to do stuff like this at 2 in the damned morning? Ah, but that’s the way it is I guess. Been meaning to freshen up the look of the site. While I’m sad to say farewell to the “stand alone guy”, I do like the fist a bit. Power to the Plundercrew! Bitches.

Got a fair amount of work to do to perfect the look of things and tweak some styles and options. Bunch of out of date pages linked as well as stuff on the old sidebar I’d like to add back somewhere.

Hopefully the rest of the Plundercrew will get all jazzed up and pop under the hood for a spell and help out. I’m off to Boston on Sunday and posting/theme tweaking will probably be slim and none. Comments on the new look welcome…

  • Love it! What a great new look. The raised fist is awesome.

    Been swamped (notice the reduced post volume?), but I’ll see if I can find some time to tweak away at the guts and make it even awesomer.

  • Really Nice Eric! It’s got that Zen feel. Sweet! Congrats!

  • Thanks guys. It really was just a wild hair. Now back to the paying gig. Sad thing is I probably won’t get too much time to post and hang out here for a bit. There are a lot of really cool features about this theme – buncha little surprises around every corner.

  • Full on aware of the little graphic behind the top post headline. First on the list to sniff out…for those who have time [hint hint].

    Everyone loves the fist. Some didn’t like the font chosen for the Plunderbund text. Gonna have to think about redoing that when I have time. I’m sure Brian will dig in here at some point and fix a buncha stuff.

    Joe? I heard he got carjacked in Detroit…dunno what’s up with him.

  • The feed is now sans site name too. I know why that’s happening, and I’m 99% sure I know how to fix it. I’ve got a staff meeting this afternoon, but maybe I can grab some time after that to try to fix that and the post headline issue.

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