(ht Jill) Bill “No Money From Nobody” O’neill might have a new slogan when he runs for Congress against Steve LaTourette. More like “Mo’ Money From Mo’ Bodies!” He’s taken off the judicial shackles by resigning from his Court of Appeals seat in order to raise money to defeat LaTourette.

“I’m running because (LaTourette) is wrong on the war in Iraq, wrong on health care and wrong on trade with China,” O’Neill said. “I’m a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army and this war needs to end.”

On health care, he said LaTourette has “had a decade to come up with an original idea and he hasn’t, and so we live in the chaos he has created. I’m also a pediatric nurse who sees that chaos firsthand.”

Is the 14th winnable? Bill thinks so – and you gotta love the parting shot:

“Democrat Dennis Eckart held the district for years and Eric Fingerhut did so after him,” he said. “LaTourette came in on the big Republican wave in 1995 and he’s about to see that the tide has turned.

I can handle that. Smart move to build the love on high principle (while losing), then hop in the game to win it. Bill has many fans from the no money days. Let’s hope that translates to checks in the mo’ money days.

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