From the daily archives: Thursday, April 12, 2007

(ht Jill) Bill “No Money From Nobody” O’neill might have a new slogan when he runs for Congress against Steve LaTourette. More like “Mo’ Money From Mo’ Bodies!” He’s taken off the judicial shackles by resigning from his Court of Appeals seat in order to raise money to defeat LaTourette.

“I’m running because (LaTourette) is wrong on the war in Iraq, wrong on health care and wrong on trade with China,” O’Neill said. “I’m a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army and this war needs to end.”

On health care, he said LaTourette has “had a […]

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(Pinning to the top for few days) Voice is good. Sometimes voice can be heard by reading someone over a long period of time, but there is nothing like the good old spoken voice. A friend at Blue State Digital is working on a project with Americans United for Change and asked me to pass this along. Deal basically is to pressure Voinoich into changing his stance on the war – vocally. They are using Evoca to let you record a message and the voices will all be sent to the good Senator. Get busy after the jump!

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“I’ve had a hell of a good time,” Vonnegut once wrote. “I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don’t let anybody tell you any different.” (WaPo)

Another dead hero. Bill Hicks. HST. Vonnegut. Inspiring voices to me they all were. Unapologetic, not always serious, thoughtful, piercing, and mostly right. The irony of having days ago read Kurt’s forward to Ralph Steadman’s “The Joke’s Over” is not lost on me. It’s as if he were waving goodbye in his words about Hunter’s passing.

We lost probably the best critical voice of […]

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More bad news for Scott Pullins and his wife in the battle with their home owners association (AVPOA)…

Pullins? motion against AVPOA denied

The judge issued a court order that instructed the parties to communicate better in the future to avoid getting the court involved in a ?misunderstanding.?

Good luck with that, Judge Markus. Scott Pullins has based his entire career on creating misunderstandings and taking them to court.

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Dukies exonerated

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Yesterday’s big news (at least, one of the items) seemed to be the dropping of the charges in the Duke lacrosse rape case. Now, I’ve never exactly been sympathetic – these were privileged (read: rich) white kids who have the resources necessary to properly defend themselves against false charges. At the time, I figured that if the allegations were false, it’d work out in the end, and it did. Were these kids “railroaded”? It’s starting to look that way, but time will tell. At any rate, in this case the system worked – the innocent walk free.

But what […]

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The New Look

On April 12, 2007 By

Why does it always seem that I get a bug up my ass to do stuff like this at 2 in the damned morning? Ah, but that’s the way it is I guess. Been meaning to freshen up the look of the site. While I’m sad to say farewell to the “stand alone guy”, I do like the fist a bit. Power to the Plundercrew! Bitches.

Got a fair amount of work to do to perfect the look of things and tweak some styles and options. Bunch of out of date pages linked as well as stuff on the old […]

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