Long before the hats and the hate- there was THIS version of Don Imus…

  • Elan

    I thought I was living in the USA. I think Al Sharpton and his ilk are not familiar with the first amendment of the US constitution. I personally think Imus is an idiot but that doesn’t (and shouldn’t) stop him from saying whatever he wants. He has been insulting every ethnic group out there for years so what’s suddenly changed? Why is it that Cathy Hughes can refer to Jews “as gefilte fished breathed” and not suffer the same fate as Don Imus? Why are rappers constantly denigrating women, specifically Black women and no one (including “Rev.” Sharpton, et al, are out there protesting? The hypocisy is simply unreal. This incident is going to backfire (big time) on the Black community nationwide as a knee jerk reaction to years of being force fed “multiculturalism.” Yours truly, Elan

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