OK, so this doesn’t have jack to do with politics, but I haven’t been this excited since last November: the Columbus Crew are rumored to have signed Argentinian super-club Boca Juniors star (and fan favorite) Guillermo Barros Schelotto to a two-year contract for $2m per year. At 33, he’s not a regular starter for Boca anymore despite playing there for a few months shy of 10 years, but he knows how to win: he’s the winning-est Argentinian ever, with 17 championships in his playing career. (Argentina star and 2005 FIFA World Player of the Year nominee Riquelme also currently plays for Boca Juniors.)

This could be just the punch the Crew needs in the offensive end to complement a talented but unproven (and very young) corp of strikers. Jason Garey may have just become MLS’s leading scorer, if he can position himself in front of goal and let Schelotto ping crosses off his head and into the goal, since Schelotto will probably be the second-best crosser in MLS behind David “Bend it like” Beckham.

So stoked. We now return you to your regularly scheduled political programming.

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