There’s a reason for the nickname, folks. Matt “Mama’s Boy” Naugle crossed a line, big time, this morning in his efforts to slime Jennifer Brunner (and defend Bennett). I struggled for a long time trying to craft an appropriate response, but in the end I balked because a) I’m not all that gifted a writer, and b) I didn’t want to link to what he posted and further disseminate the mud being slung.

Mud being slung at someone who is not even remotely related to politics, other than being Jennifer Brunner’s college-aged son. Additionally, it is private stuff that has zero relevance to the ongoing elections fight.

Thankfully, Jill wrote exactly the right thing, so I’ll do the expedient thing and link to WLST.

I’m not glad to be saying that this kind of crap happens with alarming frequency from the right-wing blogosphere. Sometimes people on the left-wing side of things step over the line; sometimes they post immature pranks. But thankfully, something this indefensible happens very rarely. If our colleagues on the right could successfully suppress their id, we might be able to actually reestablish some decency in political dialog in this country.

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