From the daily archives: Wednesday, April 4, 2007

(via WaPo)

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) raised at least $25 million for his presidential campaign in the first quarter of the year, putting him just shy of Sen. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, who made a splash with her announcement Sunday that she had drawn a record-breaking $26 million.

Uh…dayum! And 23.5 available for the primaries. Shit. Gotta figure that’s the biggest primary stash.

Looks like the Senator from Illynoi also has the grassroots support as expected:

Obama appears to have surpassed Clinton in several ways: He reported donations from 100,000 people, double the 50,000 people who gave […]

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Iran releases 15 British sailors that it asserts were captured in Iranian waters:

“We have every right to put these people on trial,” Mr Ahmadinejad asserted.

“But I want to give them as a present to the British people to say they are all free.”

US tortures innocent people, while simultaneously denying that we torture. We’ve ceded Iran – by no means a model of an enlightened modern society – the moral high ground. Thanks for nuthin’, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Gonzalez… you ^@&!(!%^%#$ pretty much set the ball on the tee for an Iranian propaganda home run.

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File under: WTF?

Was he late to the presser? Is he really that creepy? I mean, there is a whole damned porch there and Cheney is off in the bushes. This may not strike all the sam way, but it absolutely slays me:

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They’re up in arms! It’s an outrage! Pelosi in Syria! Get a rope!

…but there’s a problem. They’d have to string up 3 of their own. They won’t talk about it. The MSM doesn’t really wanna talk about it…dilutes the juicy story I guess. Brain Shavings (apparently having shaven a bit too much) says it hands a propaganda coup to the enemy! Bizzy thinks some Townhall windbag makes a point with this:

Today, Nancy Pelosi and the Congressional Democrats are stepping in to carry out their own foreign policy and even their own military policy on […]

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