Dear Senator McCain,

I have some advice for you. Step away ever so slowly from the Iraq War issue. You are getting pummeled sir. There is no upside. Start talking about illegal immigration, abortion, chocolate Jesus, or anything but Iraq.

No, on second thought. Keep going! This is great fun!

BAGHDAD – After a heavily guarded trip to a Baghdad market, Sen. John McCain (news, bio, voting record) insisted Sunday that a U.S.-Iraqi security crackdown in the capital was working and said Americans lacked a “full picture” of the progress. The U.S. military later reported six soldiers were killed in roadside bombings southwest of Baghdad.

John goes shopping for rugs while 6 American servicemen die. He also pretty much got punked for the “strolling through Neverland” claims:

Members of the delegation spoke at a Green Zone news conference after they rode from Baghdad’s airport in armored vehicles under heavy guard to visit the city’s largest market, which was been hit by bombings including a February attack that killed 137 people. They said the trips were proof that security was improving in the capital. Prominent visitors normally make the trip from the airport to the city center by helicopter.

Newsweek also tells it like it is:

In the interest of presenting the full picture then, I think it should be pointed out that McCain and his fellow senators were accompanied to the market by a small army, upwards of 50 soldiers according to a source who accompanied the group on the stroll. Just another day at the market.

Oh, and there’s this little tidbit:

In any case, it didn’t take the insurgents long to send their reply. Less then 30 minutes after McCain wrapped up, a barrage of half a dozen mortars peppered the boundaries of the Green Zone, where the senators held their press conference.

Doh! John, give it up buddy. You lost this one…badly. Go crooked talk about something else. You gotta admire the guy’s persistence if nothing else!

PS: If you haven’t checked out Cliff Schecter’s battle with Matt Drudge’s lying ass, it’s a must see! Drudge claimed that Michael Ware (the guy who originally punked McCain and gave us the Neverland image) heckled the Senator during his presser. Problem is there is video of Ware repeatedly raising his hand and never getting called on. Not surprising given the history in the last week or so, but a far cry from heckling.

Wonder how many stupid wingnuts would fall for it?