Strickland is sticking to his guns on the charter school stuff. His only line-item veto on the Transportation Budget Bill was the part allowing charter schools to start their own bus service.

From the Strickland press release:

Strickland also announced that his only line-item veto would be a measure that would allow charter schools to establish their own transportation system and would require a per pupil transfer from the school district to the charter school without any agreement from their resident school district. Under current law, if a charter school desires to transport their own students they must have an agreement with their resident school district.

?While I believe Ohio can benefit from a charter system that is accountable and transparent, and am open to discussing how to improve charter school transportation, there hasn’t been sufficient time to review this measure for me to support it,? Strickland said. ?In particular, I have heard concerns today from some of Ohio?s largest school districts that this measure could mean a significant financial blow.?