Update to this post.

OK, so it turns out you have to look really REALLY close to figure out how to read Joan Mazzolini’s article online. Apparently the stuff that looked like shilling would…because they are Bennett’s words verbatim (or his lawsuit’s words). Joan just made it look online like they were hers due to the inability of anyone at the Plain Dealer to figure out how to use unordered lists. Here is how you do it:

< ul >
< li >A bullet point< /li >
< li >Another bullet point!< /li >
< /ul >

(spaces removed)

Her article would then end up looking like this:

The suit contends that Brunner’s action would violate Bennett’s constitutional rights and that her accusations against the board are vague. The suit also argues that:

  • The Ohio law dealing with removal of board members fails to define misfeasance and nonfeasance.
  • Brunner cannot take action to remove Bennett based on con duct that occurred before she took office in January 2007.
  • Brunner, a Democrat, is attempting to remove Bennett, head of the Ohio GOP, because he supported her opponent in the 2006 election and plans to support Republican candidates in 2008.

See? Not so hard. I hear the print edition displays this way and is much more clear. So maybe give Joan a ring and have her transfer you to the web dude and explain the unordered list tag. Sheesh.

Sorry Joan. You’re not a dope. But the web crew might be…