Update: See this post for an update on how the PeeDee print to web translation got FUBAR.

This can only be one of two things: 1. Horribly incompetent journalism or 2. Outright shilling for the GOP. In an article about Bob Bennett suing to keep his job on the Cuyahoga County BOE, Joan Mazzolini says:

Brunner, a Democrat, is attempting to remove Bennett, head of the Ohio GOP, because he supported her opponent in the 2006 election and plans to support Republican candidates in 2008.

This from a former Pulitzer Prize finalist? Joan. W T F? This is pure editorializing of the news. Maybe Tom can take his eyes off the LA Times long enough to pay attention to his own back yard. Doubtful. Doesn’t fit his agenda either.

Maybe I just missed the reports where Joan covered previous election issues, such as: “Today Secretary of State Blackwell, a Republican charged with the election of George W. Bush, issued a statewide mandate to Boards of Election to strictly enforce a voter registration paper weight guideline in an attempt to reduce Democratic registrations that were far outpacing their Republican counterparts in a clear attempt to use his office as a GOP campaign tool”.

Yeah, I’m sure I just missed that. Because he supported her opponent? Fucking DUH! He was the GOP CHAIR for Christ’s sake! Are you stupid? What a dope. Don’t shill for the GOP Joan. Just do your damned job. No wait, we’ll do it for you. You can go now.

I wouldn’t waste MY time calling or emailing this faux-reporter, but you can if you want:

jmazzolini@plaind.com, 216-999-4563

  • Brunner v. Bennett — Tempest in a teapot. Though I think Bennett should resign, I’m not lying awake at nights wondering if the world will end if he doesn’t.

    The Blackwell stuff–sheer fantasy.

    The LA Times matter: Deliberate deception and journalistic malpractice over the biggest non-scandal since PlameGate.

    If you can’t make these distinctions, I don’t know what can be done.

  • Tom, really. If you cannot read the above paragraph and simply come unglued…there really is no hope of you ever being a check on the MSM. Truly. This is sheer incompetence that is plainly partisan editorializing.

    I’m not saying you don’t have a point with the LA Times stuff – you might, just saying we got stuff much closer to home to “monitor”.

    Blackwell stuff fantasy? You wish. Saying it doesn’t make it so my friend.

  • Oh, I agree that it’s weak reporting …. about a tempest in a teapot.

  • feh. if the Rs and Ds were flipped you’d be hopping up and down like a fucking pogo stick.

  • not blumer

    of course blumer would say it’s a tempest in a teapot, because by doing this Bennett clearly assigns the blame for the entire Cuyahoga BOE mess on his own head, and thus the GOP.

    used to be a bipartisan mess. now there will be weeks of headlines saying “GOP chair sues to keep his incompetent reign over chaoatic BOE” i’d want to minimize that, too, blumie.

    dumb ass.

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