John picked up a new nickname last night. Thanks to CNN’s Michael Ware. Ware says he doesn’t know what part of Neverland John McCain is talking about when McCain says we can go strolling in Baghdad:

I honestly can’t stop watching this and laughing. Ware absolutely RIPS McCain a new one over this. Methinks John shouldn’t have been so condescending to Wolf. Michael took that shit personally. LOL. Ah, Neverland John. That one’s gonna stick…

Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. Just about simultaneous with Neverland John puttin’ his foot in his mouth was this: 2 Americans killed in Iraq rocket attack. IN THE FUCKING GREEN ZONE!!! Yes, John. Let’s take that Badhdad stroll anytime. Whaddya say?

Chalk this up as a disastrous day in the ole campaign buddy. I almost feel bad for McCain at times. The guy is a trooper, but it just seems like he can’t win for tryin’. His gay marriage townhall meeting blunder was just priceless. This might beat it though.

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