So given all the McCain stuff (and I’m not stopping soon), this was a hilarious find:

Former senator Mike DeWine, the chairman of Mr. McCain’s Ohio organization, walked around the banquet hall while people ate their chicken cordon bleu and rice pilaf.

“He’s the one candidate in this race who understands national defense,” Mr. DeWine said.

“What we’re electing is a commander in chief, someone who will make life and death decisions.”

Earth to former Senator from Ohio DeWine! Neverland John doesn’t even have a clue about the current security situation in Iraq. John understands jack squat about Iraq. His credibility is currently blowing in the wind along with your political career. Maybe ya’ll can find that Baghdad neighborhood and start a non-profit for the politically tone deaf.

I’m having a good day. Can you tell? Haven’t even gotten to the pathetic MySpace thievery stuff yet either. Joy!