Senator Catch 22 is not comfortable in his own skin. He knows better than to be spewing the lies that he is, but he is too far down the road to come back. He’s like that kid caught in no man’s land in dodge ball. He has no idea where to run. You can see it on his face. Listen to the “Mmmm Hmmms” at the beginning.

Spin like a top bitch! Spin!

  • The media is finally growing back it’s balls after leaving the people out to dry for years. This reporter went for the throat like a Pit Bull. He crucified him. I didn’t even have to drink my coffee this morning, I was wide awake after watching. I stood up and applauded. My first thought was CNN is gonna be playing this all week. It’s going to be all over the T.V. this guys finished. Guess I had a Corporate Media pre-ejaculation. To my over-exercised surprise, no one seems to be talking about it. Last thing we need is another old, out of touch, warmongering President.

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