From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I’m not exactly sure why Scott Pullins is even registered as a lobbyist for the General Assembly.

But, whatever the reason, it isn’t free.

And Scott Pullins still hasn’t paid his fees for April through Aug of last year.

Like Monica said: “Most responsible people pay their bills”

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Wow. Just wow. Americablog pointed out this little gem:

McCain, appearing on NBC?s ?Today? show today from Orlando, said the war ?was badly mismanaged. But there are signs of progress everywhere. … I am confident that given the opportunity, we can have success. The consequences of failure are catastrophic because if we come home, bin Laden and Zarqawi, they are going to follow us.?

Zarqawi? The dude has been dead for almost a year! Everybody Run to Neverland!! The ghost of Zarqawi is coming to get us!!!

Bye John. Bring on Rudy.

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John McCain recently claimed that things were so good in Iraq that you could walk around without protection and that generals routinely go out with unarmored humvees. Michael Ware begged to differ saying:

I don?t know what part of Neverland Senator McCain is talking about when he says we can go strolling in Baghdad?

I just got this via email from someone who was apparently in search of Neverland:

Not only that, but apparently John has been spotted walkin the streets of Neverland:

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Bush withdrew the nomination of Sam Fox today- his choice for Ambassador to Belgium.

Fox, as you may remember, gave tons of cash to the Swift Boat Veterans group who help torpedo John Kerry’s campaign for president.

Don’t worry Sam- I heard there are a lot of US Attorney positions opening up.

Here is the full text of the release:

Withdrawal Sent to the Senate

Sam Fox, of Missouri, to be Ambassador Extraordinary and

Plenipotentiary of the United States of America to Belgium, which was

sent to the Senate on January 9, […]

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So given all the McCain stuff (and I’m not stopping soon), this was a hilarious find:

Former senator Mike DeWine, the chairman of Mr. McCain’s Ohio organization, walked around the banquet hall while people ate their chicken cordon bleu and rice pilaf.

“He’s the one candidate in this race who understands national defense,” Mr. DeWine said.

“What we’re electing is a commander in chief, someone who will make life and death decisions.”

Earth to former Senator from Ohio DeWine! Neverland John doesn’t even have a clue about the current security situation in Iraq. John understands jack squat about Iraq. […]

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Senator Catch 22 is not comfortable in his own skin. He knows better than to be spewing the lies that he is, but he is too far down the road to come back. He’s like that kid caught in no man’s land in dodge ball. He has no idea where to run. You can see it on his face. Listen to the “Mmmm Hmmms” at the beginning.

Spin like a top bitch! Spin!

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Ware’s McCain Smackdown Redux

On March 28, 2007 By

I had to pull out the best lines in what is one of the best and funniest smackdowns in some time on national news. I was talking with a buddy and he said that CNN appears to have just snapped on the continual whistling of the Bush administration over Iraq.

So here’s the rundown, as reported by Michael Ware:

“Well, I’d certainly like to bring Senator McCain up to speed if he ever gives me the opportunity” “None of the American Generals here on the ground have anything like Senator McCain’s confidence” “I mean, Senator McCain’s credibility now […]

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John picked up a new nickname last night. Thanks to CNN’s Michael Ware. Ware says he doesn’t know what part of Neverland John McCain is talking about when McCain says we can go strolling in Baghdad:

I honestly can’t stop watching this and laughing. Ware absolutely RIPS McCain a new one over this. Methinks John shouldn’t have been so condescending to Wolf. Michael took that shit personally. LOL. Ah, Neverland John. That one’s gonna stick…

Oh, yeah. Almost forgot. Just about simultaneous with Neverland John puttin’ his foot in his mouth was this: 2 Americans killed in Iraq […]

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via ABC News’ “The Blotter”:

Bush administration officials throughout the government have engaged in White House-directed efforts to stifle, delay or dampen the release of climate change research that casts the White House or its policies in a bad light, says a new report that purports to be the most comprehensive assessment to date of the subject.

Hmmm. Now why would you have to stifle, delay, or dampen that which is globaloney? Why even John “Neverland” McCain said of BushCo missing the federally mandated deadline for reporting climate change to Congress back in 2004:

“When you get to […]

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