Two high profile cancer stories lately offer us a unique opportunity to shed politics – or improve it – by realizing that there is no left-right. No Democrat-Republican. We engineer such things to make sense of the world, but in the end they are illusions. You see it all the time. A person of Democrat persuasion has something bad happen to them and they get an outpouring of thoughts and prayers from said side of the aisle. Crickets on the other side. As if admitting you are human and feel for these other human beings will somehow weaken your position. Same thing happens when a Republican might be in need of thoughts and prayers: outpouring from the right, silence from the left.

So Elizabeth Edwards has cancer. So does Tony Snow.

They both deserve our thoughts and prayers. It was sad to see some go all political on this. Here is an invitation to not do that. What would you say to Elizabeth Edwards and Tony Snow – the people?

I hope both Snow and Edwards realize that they are loved by many and their lives are important to us all. I will be focused on thinking nothing but good thoughts and positive outcomes for them both. They deserve it.