Thanks Mary! Really helps to have you point out the incredibly obvious:

Columbus – Today Ohio Auditor of State Mary Taylor released the 2005-06 audit of the Ohio Bureau of Workers? Compensation and Industrial Commission of Ohio. The audit contains four major findings that highlight the inadequate policies and procedures that existed within BWC that allowed for the illegal and inappropriate activity with public funds to occur. The audit specifically notes the abuse of power by the former chief financial officer who has admitted to taking bribes in return for BWC investment work.

Having Mary Taylor (CYA) tells us about BWC corruption is akin to watching a Heart Association commercial by Jabba The Hut. Psst. Mary. Lil’ secret. You and your ilk WERE the problem. We took care of most of it last November and we’ll be taking care of the rest real soon, hear?

This is the best part:

?This is an important step toward restoring public trust and accountability within the Ohio Bureau of Workers? Compensation,? Taylor said. ?The audit clearly reflects weaknesses in the system that escalated into major problems allowing for fraud, theft and corruption to occur.

Again, the important step was cleaning house (save for your sorry race baiting ass) this past election. Elections do have consequences. For you that means trying to act like you give two shits about corruption in order to Cover Your Ass, while still having the pay-to-play scandal still haunting you. Must be tough, I know. I won’t even mention the recent fundraiser shenanigans.

Mary, dear. I wish you the best in your job, but let’s not forget what got us here. Let’s not forget who set up “the system”. Let’s also not forget who set up the “policies and procedures” that you now have so much trouble with. I can see it now during re-election: “Mary Taylor (CPA) – An Independent Watchdog for Ohio!”.