Man- I hate this personal attack stuff… but this time he deserves it.

Scott Pullins, as you may know, has being trying to bring charges against a woman who, he claims, has been harassing his family by posting comments about him on the internet.

Scott dropped the claim- but has now taken to harrasing her on his own website.

He just posted a list of ever minor traffic violations and all the other minor charges that have ever been brought against this woman. And he warns his friends and clients to watch out for her.

What a fuck brain!

I’m not going to include a link to his site ( pullins reports dot com) because I don’t want to push any traffic his way.

But I will include a link to this funny site – – because the photo there seems more and more appropriate ever day.

  • monica

    Joseph: Your lack of verbal skills should be a source of embarrasment for you. Surely someone with even a small amount of intelliggence should be able to come up with insults more original than the f-word.

    Why do you have so much hatred for Scott Pullins? How do you know that this woman ISN’T harrassing him?

    As for the charges he listed on the woman, I don’t consider theft and defaults on debts to be minor charges. Perhaps you have similar charges against you and you want to minimize them…? Most responsible people pay their bills or at least set up payment plans. Most people would never steal funds from a taxpayer entity.

    It seems to me that the hatred you spew toward Scott Pullins may actually reflect how you feel when you look in the mirror.

  • I do appreciate your comments, Monica.

    And I will admit- the title was written in anger and not really well thought through.

    However, is it hard to take your comments about MY verbal skills seriously given you managed to misspell “embarrasment”, “intelliggence” and “harrassing” all in the first two sentences.

  • Monica-

    You can think whatever you want about the seriousness of the charges as a matter of personal opinion, but those that live in the reality-based community know that being in debt and have misdemeanors on your records is frankly, petty matters. Why do I say that? Because the LAW treats them as minor matters.

    The felonies are serious, but she hasn’t been convicted of them, just charged. And it sounds like the court thinks it’s so serious that it’s willing to dismiss the charge and expunge her records of this matter if she pays back the money and completes a program.


    We know that this woman isn’t harassing him because he dismissed his complaint which was focused more on silencing her opinion of Pullins than actually harassment.

    That and Pullins has little credibility with us given his knack of making inflammatory accusations based on weak (and in some cases non-existent) “facts.”

  • Monica

    Joseph: Sorry about the misspellings. I think I am too reliant on spell check in my old age. My comments are not dimished by them, however, I appreciate your honesty in sayig the F You comment was written in anger.

    Modern Esquire: The harrassing woman also has two DUI’s on her record. Bet if she hit you or a loved one while drinking and driving, you wouldn’t think too highly of her.

    Sorry you think stealing and being a bad debtor are ‘petty matters’. Glad to know I will never have you on payroll or offer you a loan.

  • curious mind

    Hi Joe – be careful about what you post – you might get sued next

    Hi Monica/Scotty – I see you’re becoming more and more ‘popular’ these days – you see, no one ‘cares’ about the 24 years of old news you dredged up…dui’s over ten years ago? a few civil matters? an unlicensed dog? a diversion program? So what – don’t you get it? You’re making me look like the victim, and you like the aggressor….better slow down there bub…….

    You see, I’m not an Officer of the Court – you are……..for now

    And your actions on different blogsites, your diatribes against me on your own blogsite, and your penchat for suing people for stalking (remember Carl Holmes? who you sued a year before you sued me, for the same thing? and dropped that case too?) are giving you quite the reputation.

    Congrats. And don’t thank me for helping it along. Anything I can do to help the Holmes family realize some kind of justice is reward enough for me.

    See you at the Criminal Contempt hearing about your illegal subpoenas on May 31st…………..

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