312.gifThese are what we call good signs. Pew has been tracking political attitudes and core values of both parties since 1987. Their latest survey for 2007 is out and it bodes well for progressive types. The biggest thing you’ll see is the incredibly widening gap of those who identify as Dem or leaning Dem. In 2002 it was deadlocked at 43%. Today? 50% to 35% and the Rs are shrinking.

Dig a little deeper and you find some interesting findings:

Increased public support for the social safety net, signs of growing public concern about income inequality, and a diminished appetite for assertive national security policies have improved the political landscape for the Democrats as the 2008 presidential campaign gets underway.

Now, before we get all Ren and Stempy and do the Happy Happy Joy Joy dance, let’s stop for a second. The main disparity is because Republicans have shit on the neighbors couch, not because the public loves Dems anymore than they did in Bush’s first term. This is a problem that must be overcome because the couch cleanup crew is for sure in route. Note to Dems: You can’t continue to rely on the scumbags to keep fuckin’ up. Get that?

Money worries are rising, more people think the rich-poor gap is a problem, and less people in over a decade feel they are satisfied with their personal financial situation. This lines up pretty well with the recent Conference Board report that showed a rise in unemployement insurance filings, decrease in building permits, and an overall tempering of the outlook on the economy’s future.

When my staunch Republican stepfather [doing much better for those who know what that means, thanks!] starts bitching about Fox news and hands me a copy of “Fiasco” to read “because it will piss me off”, something is going on. This ain’t your father’s Republican party. This new breed of evil bastards are being exposed and losing base left and right. He voted for Bush twice but is so soured now it is actually shocking to spend time talking politics with him now.

The tide is turning. Help is on the way!

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