(ht ohdave) We don’t normally celebrate movement from DC to Columbus, but in this case I think we should. Cliff Schecter is coming to the Buckeye State. Who the hell is Cliff Schecter? Some expert. Never heard of him. [A joke you’ll get later]. Ya, never heard of him, which is odd. Guess I can’t keep up with everything. Like taking a sip from a damned firehose sometimes. From a quick look-see it appears Cliff is a pretty talented guy, major league overeducated type, camera pundit, and most of all it appears Cliff holds no quarter when going after wingnuts. Woohaa!

In case you are interested in bio type stuff, here it is:

Cliff Schecter has worked as a political consultant for numerous Democrats, including polling for the reelection of President Bill Clinton in 1996 and fundraising for the 2001 election of Virginia Gov. Mark Warner. More recently, he has provided regular political analysis for the FoxNews television program, Fox & Friends, and has also appeared on other Fox programming, as well as CNN, CNBC, CBC, National Public Radio and other news outlets. Schecter has also provided commentary as a political columnist for United Press International, and has authored articles for such other publications as The American Prospect, The Fordham Urban Law School Journal, TomPaine.com, The Washington Times and The Sacramento Bee. Cliff has a master’s degree in International Affairs from Columbia University and a B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania; this fall he begins his doctoral studies in American History as a Graduate Honors Fellow at American University in the Fall of 2004.

He’s a Huffer as well, and has a pretty good YouTube collection going. Pulled one out for ya’ll. It’s no dancing on barstools, but it’ll do:

So welcome Cliff. First pint on me. And just to poke at Jerid because I know he’ll ask, you are welcome to blog at Plunderbund anytime. In fact, we are looking for more Columbusites for the blog. Already got two lunatics and one defector. Holla at ya boy!

Seriously. Welcome to Cowtown. We’re gonna have some fun. Always fun in the O’sphere! I’m tempted to warn you about doing actual Dem. consulting work in-state, but I figure you’re smart enough to figure that out. Just google “de vellis” for a cautionary tale.

  • Oh come now Vessels. We don’t just hand out FPer accounts at THE Buckeye State Blog. BTW, weren’t you retired or something?

    (Cliff, we’ll talk later)

  • Moderation!?!


  • Hah. First of all, yes, moderation. You get cleared once and you’re all good. Seems you haven’t spent any time at PB in a while, much less commenting. How quickly they forget who gave them their first shot – Mr. Bigshot BSB Guy.

    Second, with the looks of your front pagers it indeed does appear you hand them out — like candy to the kiddies.

    Retired? Did I announce retirement? Tired yes. Retired? Um…nope.

  • …wait. did you say pansy? you know what this means now right?

  • So Cliff, if ya stop by, whatcha gonna be doin’ with ODP? You got a gas mask of any kind? Gimme a call.

  • Hey guys,

    Thanks for the kind intro. Actually I am not going to be doing anything for the ODP as of yet. And may not. Not sure yet.

    I will be doing consulting for a number of progressive orgs, possibly the AFL, definitely Moveon, and Fenton Communications which does PR for progressives and is based in New York, San Fran and DC.

    Otherwise I will be writing my book, The Real McCain, set to come out in September, and working on my blog.

    So again thanks for the kind words, and let’s all grab a drink sometime (preferably in Columbus, I am from New York and have alos lived in DC, and therefore am going to need practice doing that whole driving thing:)).

  • Good to have you in state Cliff. Thanks for stopping by. Shoot me your email at eric at plunderbund.com. Couldn’t seem to find the damned thing…

  • Oh, he goes there on my FP’ers. What can I say about the newest add Red? With all the work the guys done with the party, the guy thinks he just deserves an account. I had to kiss the ring!

    And I still have my love for the plundermonkies. Plunderbund bombaye! (Doesn’t change the fact moderation is weak).

  • Cliff…if you don’t mind shooting your email to me as well, would love to meet up with the two of ya’. jerid@buckeyestateblog.com


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