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I hinted at this last night, as I knew the LA Times was calling around doing some digging. They wanted to talk to some of us who were around when the person now claiming responsibility for the Obama “Vote Different” ad was around in Ohio and mucking things up. Searching and finding patterns no doubt. Many of us were taking a big whiff of the whole thing and calling bullshit. It did smell a bit. Now today, Dan Morain at the LA Times (as well as AP earlier – ht bryan@BSB) drops the other shoe: Ad creator claimed […]

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Ohio Gets A Heavyweight

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(ht ohdave) We don’t normally celebrate movement from DC to Columbus, but in this case I think we should. Cliff Schecter is coming to the Buckeye State. Who the hell is Cliff Schecter? Some expert. Never heard of him. [A joke you’ll get later]. Ya, never heard of him, which is odd. Guess I can’t keep up with everything. Like taking a sip from a damned firehose sometimes. From a quick look-see it appears Cliff is a pretty talented guy, major league overeducated type, camera pundit, and most of all it appears Cliff holds no quarter when going after […]

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These are what we call good signs. Pew has been tracking political attitudes and core values of both parties since 1987. Their latest survey for 2007 is out and it bodes well for progressive types. The biggest thing you’ll see is the incredibly widening gap of those who identify as Dem or leaning Dem. In 2002 it was deadlocked at 43%. Today? 50% to 35% and the Rs are shrinking.

Dig a little deeper and you find some interesting findings:

Increased public support for the social safety net, signs of growing public concern about income inequality, and a diminished […]

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