I guess the PD talked to Phil last night. Nothing really new there, other than this last bit:

In the interview, de Vellis expressed pride in his creation.

“It changes the trajectory of my career,” he said.

What direction would that be? 45 degree angle downward with trailing flames? You are now one of two things: A loose cannon who has been busted doing underhanded things that harm your campaigns or a lackey who takes the fall. What are fall guys making nowadays?

Update: Never fear. Da Blogfatha is here to save the day! Does Jerome actually speak for all of MyDD by giving “Our statement…”? Neat. I seem to remember Phil pissing off the entire lefty blogosphere in Ohio with his crap. But “Phil’s a big reason why Sherrod Brown kicked ass in Ohio in 2006” does sound better. I hear there is to be some training by the blogpac peeps coming soon. I, for one, CANNOT WAIT!

Guess this as good a time as any since we are walking down memory lane:


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