From the daily archives: Thursday, March 22, 2007

While Ted Strickland does what’s necessary to keep his “no new taxes” promise- Ken Blackwell is busy breaking his…

When Ken joined the Buckeye Institute, he announced a a self-imposed, 100-day, no-comment period about Strickland’s policies.

Yesterday, he broke that promise- big time.

Blackwell says Strickland “is abandoning” our youth

Ken Blackwell, former Ohio Secretary of State and Republican candidate for governor last year, stressed the importance of abstinence education today before a speech about marriage.

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Vote Different: More Coming

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Word I’m hearing is that another shoe is gonna drop on the Vote Different/de Vellis saga. I hope it’s not what I’m hearing because it’d be the type of damage I was worried about. Time for Armstrong to start backing away…slowly.

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Recognize this guy?

It’s Tom “the hammer” Delay on Hardball yesterday. I have to admit- he looks a hell of lot better than he did last year.

In case you forgot- here’s what he used to look like…

I guess he’s stopped drinking, cheating on his wife, etc.

How did he do it?

Through Jesus Christ, of course. Well- actually- not directly through Jesus.

Tom “came to Christ” via a video tape made by Dr. James Dobson (the Focus on the Family kook on the radio) called “Where’s Dad”.

That must be one REALLY good video tape.

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I guess the PD talked to Phil last night. Nothing really new there, other than this last bit:

In the interview, de Vellis expressed pride in his creation.

“It changes the trajectory of my career,” he said.

What direction would that be? 45 degree angle downward with trailing flames? You are now one of two things: A loose cannon who has been busted doing underhanded things that harm your campaigns or a lackey who takes the fall. What are fall guys making nowadays?

Update: Never fear. Da Blogfatha is here to save the day! Does Jerome […]

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March Presidential Madness

On March 22, 2007 By

Woohaa. Perfect timing with the Sweet 16 getting underway tonight for this:

ProgressNowAction and its sister organization have launched Presidential “March Madness”, an online contest that allows voters from across the country to select which Democratic and Republican candidates have the right stuff to go the distance.

Check out the bracket and vote

BUT…as always I have seeding issues. Let’s talk seeding. Is Kucinich really a 6 seed? I guess on style points maybe and he did do well in the conference tourney. Maybe I’ll let that slide. Gore got a really tough draw with the 4-5 matchup. […]

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Dayum Barbara!

“I wanna talk to you for a minute please…” (Ruh Roh)

“You’re not making the rules…used to when you did this” (Uh Huh)

“Elections have consequences” (Booyah! Boi!)

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So everyone and their brother is commenting on the revelation that our beloved Phil De Vellis – I say beloved because for much of his time in Ohio he was pretty much hated among bloggers – is the supposed guy behind the Obama “Vote Different” ad. Jerid says “Wasn’t him“. The Politico weighs in after having phoned around Ohio a bit. Many are talking about it – won’t be hard to find! People will probably be talking about this one for a while – none of which will be very helpful.

Here’s the deal. Phil probably could have […]

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White Hat, Black Ops

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Jill’s pissed. And for good reason. Seems a White Hat manager got busted off the air admitting that he lied ON THE AIR. Just a matter of time before these charlatans are exposed fully and taken down.

I’d love to know the numbers, because it seems like Brennan is a helluva cash cow!

Go see what else Jill’s dishin’ on King Leo and the Boys:

Why the hell didn’t this man just say what he knew on the air? Because he knows how indefensible it is that White Hat “doesn’t disclose” their numbers. Total, complete […]

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