bong hits 4 jesus

Because I got no time to blog but this must be on PB:

WASHINGTON – In its first major student free-speech rights case in almost 20 years, U.S. Supreme Court justices struggled on Monday with how far schools can go in censoring students.

In a case involving a Juneau, Alaska, high school student suspended for unfurling a banner that read “Bong Hits 4 Jesus,” several justices seemed wary about giving a principal too much authority at the expense of the student’s right to express his views.

Freedom of speech. Take a hit.

  • I hope the Court agrees with the school administration, but after reading the transcripts, it doesnt look too likely.

  • This is a pretty interesting case, and the oral arguments are interesting. I wrote quite a bit about it over at my place.

  • Of course you would, Ben.

  • Kids do stupid things and they need rules and someone to enforce those rules- especially in an educational setting.

    I actually like the idea of having kids wear uniforms to school- possibly even spanking (with the permission of the parents). And I think that there should be limits on the speech of students- and they should be enforced through suspension or whatever method the principal deems appropriate.

    But those limits do not extend outside of the classroom, obviously.

    This case is silly- and should never have made it to the supreme court.

    It would have been different if the kids were actually ON SCHOOL PROPERTY during school hours- but they weren’t.

    They were standing across the street watching the Winter Olympic torch runner go by.

    If they had a sign that said something mildly offensive like “Fuck the Olympics!” or extremely offensive like “Nigger Torch Runners Go Back to Africa!” then I could see the community police (and the ACLU) getting involved.

    Or at least if it said something kind of offensive but funny- like a banner reading: “Eat My Torch” with a drawing of Bart Simpson pointing at his penis- THAT would have been pretty funny.

    But this was nothing more than a “botched joke”.

  • Maybe if you “whore” uniforms in school you would be able to spell “where” right the first time…

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